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Shungite Room

   Shungit is a mineral, origin of which is still an enigma. Most of scientists thinks that shungit, like a petroleum, was formed from bottom sediments. For others it was formed because of meteorit which falled down on Earth thousands years ago. Though incipience of shungit is unexplored till the end, its extraordinary beneficial featuresare are unquestionable. It absorbs all that can badly affect to human and concentrates the useful. Because of the appearense of different gadgets electromagnetical radiation surrounds people everywhere, even outdoors. Constant negative influence violates the work of all systems of the body, specially nervous and cardiovascular sistem. Our body needs rest from these aggressive influence at least occasionally. In complex ShungitLife specially for you we equiped a unique room. Its floor, ceiling and walls lined with natural karelian shungit, extracted on Zazhoginsk field and processed by our masters. Thanks to a pleasant atmosphere and nice music you will calm and forget about all problems. Your body will rest from all impacts and can just relax. After session you can choose and buy shungit product made on our manufacture which will help your health further.


    Our company ShungitLife is offering our shungite room construction services. Shungit room (cave, grotto) is a space, with floor, walls and ceiling made with pure shungit or materials containing shungit. First "Shungit ward" was build in military-medical Academy of Saint-Peterburg in 1996. Results of its work amazed scientists with their efficiency. All patients, regardless of nature of the disease and simptoms, recovered faster. Main role in this "magical" impact played protective properties of shungit - it helped organism forget about fighting with daily electromagnetic radiation, which is producing by all modern gadgets, and focus on fight against disease. Shungit rooms or caves you can find in sanatoriums, spa and even kindergartens. In modern world, full of electromagnetic radiations shungit room is a perfect idea for your business development.

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