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Elite schungite

Elite schungite

Elite shungite is a unique rock stone that has special healing capabilities. Russian healers claim that the above-mentioned pebble is able to normalize the body’s energy balance and save it from numerous diseases. The only deposit of this mountain stone is Karelia.

Distinctive features, its appearance resembles black glass and bright glass luster, does not stain hands. Elite shungite is distinguished by its healing properties, high content (about 98%) of substances such as fullerenes.

 That is its core value. The stone is rich in minerals, contributes to the enrichment of the body with many useful trace elements. Heals and rejuvenates the whole body.

 This rock has such therapeutic abilities as:

    is an anti-inflammatory agent;

    destroys microbes and bacteria;

    disinfects, that is, plays the role of an antiseptic;

    acts as an antiallergic agent;

    produces an immunostimulating effect;







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