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Corporate gifts

Corporate gifts

Dear our buyer, let us tell you about this unique mineral!

Shungite is a natural mineral with a crystal lattice, the basis of which is carbon, as is known, carbon is the basis of life on Earth.

The shungite deposit in Karelia is believed to be about 2 billion years old! And until now it remains a mystery how and where this stone came from.

The ecological potential of shungite is wide: it can protect us from electromagnetic radiation and harmful substances, purify water and air, is a cure for many diseases and increases immunity!

Shungite is a mineral that you need to have in every home! Many scientists already call shungite "the stone of life".

Shungit.Life is pleased to present a unique and solid solution for your corporate identity!

Branded gifts and promo products made of schungite will create an incredible impression!

Exclusive souvenir from shungite can be executed with an engraving of a company logo, as it is possible to apply brand marks and information on gift packaging.

Together we will create a great gift for your partners and colleagues!

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Tel: +7 (911) 408-66-84 Department of development of corporate gifts - Kanyukhnevich Alexander Petrovich. 







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